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Yolanda Caponera has been active in sports and fitness since she was a child. In school, she played softball, ran track, and was a gymnast.  She loved biking and playing sports with kids in the neighborhood.  At 18 she joined her first gym.  This lifestyle carried over into adulthood.  

Yolanda Caponera has been a Nationally Certified Fitness Trainer since 1993.  She took an intense training course at Holiday Health Spa (now owned by Bally's) in March 1993.  There she taught Basic Step Aerobics when Reebok first came out with the idea and had a large Abdominal Exercise Class filled with men and women of all ages. Her main contribution to Holiday Spa was full time Personal Training.  She worked with all body types and fitness levels to help them attain their goals.

Through 1998, Yolanda trained privately in facilities as The Training Zone and Custom Fitness located then in Los Angeles, CA.   She also trained many people in their homes and offices.  In 1995, NBC's Today in LA interviewed Yolanda about advice on Exercise and Pregnancy.  She continued practicing fitness through all three of her pregnancies and training part time.

In 2006, she received a Personal Training position at Crunch Fitness in LA.  She worked with many professionals needing a strict workout regimen and motivation.  The following year Yolanda left Crunch and opened her own facility to target all people from (stay at home moms, teachers, and accountants  - to engineers, producers and salesmen).

Yolanda quotes, "Physical fitness is my passion, and with all we know today about health, it's needed in order to keep our minds and bodies fit for a better quality of life.  I like helping others and want to continue motivating all those interested in keeping fit and healthy."

Yolanda is well studied in Personal Fitness Training and Body Anatomy through the American Council of Exercise.  She has been an IDEA Fitness Professional receiving updated journals on fitness information and techniques.  She has taken Integrated Exercise and Circuit Training Workshops and has been Certified for Personal Fitness Training through Aerobic Pipeline International and the FiTour National Corporation.  She's current on certifications and everyday continues to add to her experience.

See Photos of Yolanda Training her clients showing proper and safe techniques. Check out the Class Schedule and Rates for both Private Training and Group Classes, sample her 7 day weight loss diet, and see a list of References.

For address and info. on signing up please email:  yolicaponera@yahoo.com