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Yoli's Fitness:  Circuit Training for All

I began training with Yoli in March 2011 and in the first year I lost 20 pounds.  I have successfully kept it off after 3 years due to Yoli's amazing support and encouragement.  My endurance has built up, and I now work out 5 to 6 days per week.  Yoli’s expertise, professionalism and bubbly personality are the perfect combination to helping others enjoy exercise as part of their regular routine.
Sylvia J. - Age 42
North Hollywood, CA


Yoli keeps changing up the workouts and raises the bar to make sure I get the most out of my training.  During a busy work week, I get the chance to kick and punch away life’s stress.  She is in tune with the individual needs of her clients. Thanks to Yoli, "working out” doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the journey.
Tucker S. - Age 44
Valley Village, CA


Love this woman. Totally awesome energy and commitment to getting my booty in shape!
Nicole S - Age 42
Studio City, CA


In 1995, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, a bone density loss .  I was put on Fosamax  and then Actonel to help increase bone mass and started walking 4-5 times a week.  A few years ago, I stopped the medication because there was no significant improvement.   In January 2012, I started working out with Yolanda Caponera two times a week.  The exercises included weight bearing for both legs and arms, lunges for the hips, and abdomen exercises for core.  All of these exercises enhance one's balance which is very important for people with osteopenia and osteoporosis.   In November, I took my yearly bone density test and there was a marked improvement.  I am greatly appreciative to Yoli for her expertise and encouragement. 
Terry - Age 65


I cannot recommend Yolanda highly enough!  Not only has my overall fitness level improved, but I have seen a change in my lower body shape that I thought would be impossible. The sessions are fun due to Yolanda's upbeat and supportive personality, and I feel relaxed and "balanced" at the end of each workout.  If you're looking to reshape your body, improve your overall fitness level and/or "bust stress," do yourself a favor and call Yolanda now.
Brandy B - Age 60
Toluca Lake, CA


Yoli's is a place where you can work at your own pace and to your ability without feeling pressured.  Yolanda is flexible, so there's never an excuse as to why you can't work out. 
Rena S - Age 59
Studio City, CA

Three mornings a week,  I walk a few blocks to the home of Yoli Caponera, my neighbor and fellow parent at the Carpenter School.  Under Yoli's watchful eye and in the company of other adult students, who are a motley mix of ages, genders and fitness levels,   I work up a sweat and build muscle without ever leaving the shaded comfort of her garage-turned-fitness studio.   Yoli has outfitted a snug space with all the mats, bouncing balls,  free weights and treadmills one needs for a rigorous program of circuit training.    Her workouts are personalized, and they do the job.   On my first day she coaxed me gently into speed-walking,  stretching my abdominal muscles, building up my biceps and triceps,  and hammering out tension with boxing gloves and a punching bag.

By Christopher Davidson, Writer of Studio City News



I'm a 64 year old musician and contractor.  My physical work has caused me slight ailments, and per doctor's orders, I needed to lose weight for my health.  I've been doing intense circuit training with Yoli three hours per week, and with a low calorie diet (cutting carbs), I lost over 40 lbs in the first five months.  She keeps an eye on my form and challenges me.  I don't feel the aches and pains I use to, and I feel less stressed during work.  The doctors were blown away on my weight loss.  It's been 13 months, and I rarely miss a workout.  Thanks Yoli!

John Morell

Yoli is a Dynamo!  She is knowledgeable, strong, supportive, and encouraging.  Her exercise circuits are tailored to fit your daily needs and designed to keep them fresh.  My body is trimming down, my energy level is going up, and my emotional outlook is greatly improving.  Thank you Yoli!  You're so inspiring.

Debra N - Age 50


"I started working out with Yolanda in August 2007. In no time, I felt a lot healthier, my energy level skyrocketed and within a few months I saw my closet getting a real makeover, since all my clothes were HUGE on me. Now I get compliments all the times about my body. I am trimmed and toned, but not bulky or masculine looking. All my male friends speak highly of my arms, my legs, my back... everything. I have even had someone asking me if I had surgery to my derriere! It's the perfect way for me to start off the day - the gym is cozy, the trainer fun and the exercises obviously work. I could not ask for more." 

Annalisa R.  - Age 31
Studio City


"I love that I can work out in such a laid back environment with a serious professional who really believes in what she does and pushes you!  Yolanda is a knowledgeable and caring person who gives you individual attention even in a group environment.  She is a gem and I'm so glad I've found her!"

Lisa K.
Valley Village - Age 37

"I enjoy coming to Yolanda's workout because it is a friendly and upbeat atmosphere. Yolanda is a very energetic and positive woman. She gives me the energy to start my day out right. My body is finally getting the tone back after baby #3. Many people can't believe I have 3 kids.  Yolanda is my secret weapon. She adapts the exercises to every fitness level and really tries to get each individual maximum results. Thanks Yolanda! "

Gina B.
Studio City - Age 32

"I had never exercised before and I was very intimidated to get started. Yolanda has provided help and inspiration in a very nurturing environment. She is a wonderful trainer, and a terrific person! I would recommend her to anyone!!!"

xo - Cindy G.
Sherman Oaks - Age 37

"At the age of 55.  I wanted to do things I hadn't done in years. I bought a harley motorcycle, I realized I didn't have the strength to handle it, but after a month of working out with Yoli. I can easily handle my new toy.  She helped to develop my upper body and legs."

Monty H.
Sherman Oaks - Age 55

"Since I've been training with Yoli, about 8 months now, my energy level has risen considerably, but everything else has gone down!  Especially my hips.  Yoli is great to work out with, always inspiring me to go just that bit further and bit harder.  I'm actually looking forward to summer now!  Thanks, Yoli."

Julie A.
Studio City - Age 64

"It's been so much fun coming to Yoli's to get my work out on.  I've been coming almost 2 years and have gotten back into great shape after two babies with her help!  She pushes you enough to get results but not too much where you never want to come back!  That's the perfect trainer for me!

D. Ballard

"What I love most about training with Yolanda is her customized approach.  Group classes are small and she tailors each individual's workout to meet their particular fitness goals.  For example, I lift light weights for more reps while another student lifts heavier weights for fewer reps.  The two of us have different body types and different goals so Yolanda gives us different exercise prescriptions. Yolanda is truly an expert in body sculpting!  Since my friend started training with Yoli's Fitness 6 months ago, I have been observing her body's transformation.  It is remarkable!  I started working out 3 weeks ago, and already notice a significant difference. Lastly, training with Yolanda is extremely affordable.  I can finally train for an extended period of time, and thus get the results I have always wanted.  I am confident I can reach my fitness goals with Yolanda's helpful expertise!!!"

Melissa J.
Studio City - Age 32

"Yoli's total body workout has greatly helped me handle the occasional physical demands of my job and has helped me to recover and strengthen my body from past injuries. Yoli's wide variety of exercise routines produce results over my whole body, which has been much more effective than my past experiences with trainers who focus on only a handful of exercises. My girlfriend and I workout together at Yoli's, however, Yoli tailors the workout to our individual needs, so my workout concentrates on bulk while my girlfriend's workout focuses on overall toning."

Lee B.
Studio City - Age 38

"Hi Yoli:  WOW!  I really look forward to exercise class. --- HOW COULD THAT BE!!    I notice a big difference in how I look and feel when I come to your classes.  It has made a world of difference having you there to target my problem areas. You have pulled together a great group of clients.   I look forward to seeing everyone and hearing about their busy lives, while burning my fat.  It's almost fun! Thank you, Thank you, for making me want to exercise.  And, THANK YOU for my tight buns! WHEN YOU LIE IN THE SUN, THERE'S ONLY SOME FUN, IF YOU BRING YOUR TIGHT BUNS!!!!!!!!  HAPPY SPRINGTIME!!"

Michelle - North Hollywood, CA

"Training with Yolanda is like working out with a friend.  I enjoy working out with her so much that I don't even realize the time has passed--that is, until I feel the results the next morning!!"

Debra S.
Sherman Oaks - Age 32

"We are one family team that works out with Yoli every weekend. Three generation family, grandmother (75), Mother (50), and two daughters.  As mother/daughter, I can have a cake and eat it too. As every family in these days, no time for family get together, my mother (Grand mother) doesn't get to see my two daughters often enough. With Yoli training,  we exercise together, and my mother gets to work out with her favorite grand daughters and she gets to strengthen her body, too.  She says that she walks 2 to 3 miles a day, and with Yoli's training she feels that every muscle get's strengthened.  I enjoy working out together and go out for a big family breakfast after our work outs with Yoli. The family who works out together, stays together!."

Bo B.

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